Canonical Material

For digital texts (scans of the Sde-dge edition) of the Tibetan Mulasarvastivadavinaya you can place your order with Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center. For an outline see:

Here you can download all 13 volumes of the Vinaya section of the Lhasa Kangyur that ACIP input. These files have not been checked, so may contain some errors, possibly missing lines and/or pages, etc.

A further digitialized version is accepted to appear:

For the Chinese Vinayas see:
Download is a little complicate, better to use the CD.

For the Pali canon in the Ceylonese Buddha Jayanti edition see:
(Vinaya on top, left side)
It can be downloaded here:

For the Pali canon of the Burmese '6th council' edition see:
(click on "Tipi.aka (Muula)", then "Vinayapi.taka")
For download go here:

There is also a new edition from Thailand:
For some reason you need to become their member first.