Abstract: The Noble Task for the Tibetan Buddhist Community: To Establish Its Bhikkhuni Lineage

By Ven. Bhikkhuni Wu Yin

It is a holy and noble task for the Tibetan Buddhist community to establish its Bhikkhuni lineage, regardless it is for the entirety of the Vinaya teaching, the completion of the Sangha, the spread of Buddha-dharma, or even for the consideration of equality for women.

Causes and conditions are always carefully examined when the Buddha lay down the precepts, whether it is their observations, transgressions, or exceptions. There are workable ways by which the Tibetan Buddhist community can establish its Bhikkhuni lineage. Only when all the seven groups of disciples are present is a Sangha complete. When qualified women are accepted into the Sangha, obtaining complete education on precepts, doctrine, and meditation, it surely will bring a positive effect on the transmission of the Buddha-dharma. It is also an act which expresses the genuine concern in Buddhism for the equal opportunity in education for women.